In case you missed it, Mysterious Priest Performs Miracle at Crash Site

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Update from the Blaze: The Mystery Continues: Witness Claims Priest Who Vanished After Anointing Crash Victim Looks Like This Hollywood Actor
TheBlaze contacted numerous Catholic churches in the Center, Mo. area to learn more about the incident. One, Rev. Louis Dorn of nearby St. Joseph’s Church, is as perplexed as everyone else.

Dorn said that there are three churches in the area (St. Joseph, St. Clement and St. Williams), but that none of the priests nearby match the description of the mystery man that first responders and other witnesses gave.

“What I heard on the news was he was dark-complected, about 5’7″, just under 200 pounds, with black rimmed glasses,” Dorn said, adding that firefighters and others reported he was “speaking with an accent of some kind.”

As for whether a priest (or an individual posing as one) is responsible for the rescue or whether it was an “angel” as some have claimed, Dorn is uncertain, but did point out some strange elements.

“If it was a real priest, there’s several things that make you really wonder,” he said. “If the road was blocked a quarter mile in either direction, that would have been a long walk. How do he get that far away without anyone seeing him? It’s a fairly flat area.”
Lots of news outlets picking it up.

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