My German Overlords

Have placed their taskmasters one to my right and one to my left. 

I am looking for a new job.  Seriously, starting a novena to St. Joseph.

Update: If you haven't heard me talk about my German Overlords, I currently work for a German software company.   This is my way of venting about work and asking for prayers.  It's really the Americans I have a problem with.


Speaking of work, this is one of the cool parts.  My company sponsors this Austrian guy to bike around the world.  Literally.  He stopped in La Crosse last week. 


  1. Move to Madison. Join the revolution.

  2. Sie verlassen den Amerikanischen sektor?

  3. Ich weiß nicht, die deutsche Sprache, so ist es Zeit, den amerikanischen Sektor zu versuchen.


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