Out Fishin'

I'll be out on vacation for, well basically the next two week.... a much needed break. 

Expect very light blogging, it's August, there's nothing going on anyway.  Us Americans need to learn from the Italians; basically shut down the country for a month during the dog days of summer.    Steve and Aristotle may fill in some of the deafening silence.  As always, if big news breaks my addiction to news will need to be satisfied with a post or two. 

Let's see, I'm hoping to get through a book on Aquinas.  Speaking of books, I'm ready to take on something big.  Maybe Dante?  A couple years ago I was thinking about it but I gotta do it at some point.  Time to bite the bullet.  If you have suggestions on translations... I think some books have the original Italian along with the English, I'd like that.  I'm not looking for a slavishly literal translation either.  The other big one I want to take on is the Warren Carrol series.

I will get to make my annual trip to see the good people at the Institute of St. Joseph, probably on Assumption.  I will have my camera so maybe a pic or two if I can find some churches.  Ah, yes, also will be sending out resumes.  Anybody else need an Enterprise Data Architect? 

Okay, don't forget to read this Jim Gaffigan that Deacon Kandra found.

And in conclusion this(not sure where it originated..... which is apropos considering...)


  1. It wasn't him - it was the Pope - he bilocated.

    So have a good vacation.

    Praying to St. Joseph for your intentions too.

    1. Thank you Terry. When I saw this, I realized that josemaria bears a striking resemblance. I think that he has my vote.


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