Wisconsin’s statewide school voucher program kicks off

It’s go time for the statewide expansion of school choice in Wisconsin.

After attending the required trainings, filling out paperwork and sending in fees to the state Department of Public Instruction, administrators in 48 private schools will try to attract as many applicants as possible for the opportunity to take part in the first year of the newly expanded voucher program.

“We’re very excited to be part of the program,” said Karen Konop, director of admissions at Notre Dame de la Baie Academy, a Catholic high school with about 750 students in Green Bay. “We really don’t know what to expect for how many of our current students or new students will apply (for vouchers).”

Many of the schools vying to become part of the school choice program will extend hours during the next week for those seeking voucher applications.

Between Thursday and Aug. 9, parents and guardians across the state may apply online for the opportunity to enroll their child in a voucher program. Applicants will need to verify income and residency to be accepted.
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Good summary, worth the read.  Wish we had it in La Crosse. 

Another interesting note: Superior Catholic schools opt out of voucher program


  1. Careful what you wish for. Yes, it is a matter if justice that public funds be given to good schools who o a great job of educating students. But the world is not interested in justice. They will demand, and get like they do inCanada, a removal of all controversial Church teaching first (think abortion, contraception, and marriage), and then eventually remove all religios ointment beyond comparative religion.

    1. Here's a comment from a previous post on the topic by Dad29:

      In reality, the tax-credit is FAR superior to "choice" funding. While the credit is granted to families regardless of which (non-public) school is chosen, thus encouraging such choice, the "choice" funding is sent directly to a school. The school, therefore, is in a position where it will be subject to the State's demands for 'content of curriculum'--which WILL happen at some point in time.

      In contrast, the tax-credit method cannot "direct" school curriculum. There is no direct connection between the money (credit) and the school, thus no leverage.


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