Argument of the Month: Mark Shea vs. Michael Voris (seriously!)

Someone told me about this and I THOUGHT THEY WERE JOKING!  I would love to go to this.
First at 6 PM two heavyweights go toe to toe:

Mark Shea vs. Michael Voris

One Night. One Fight. Who’s Got It Right?

In a world so militantly secularized that even the Catholic Church cannot escape the dictatorship of relativism, every man must ask himself:  What does Christ expect of me?  Do I speak out?  Do I publicly resist? Do I pray and fast?  What does it mean to be a soldier of Christ in a Christophobic day and age?

Come to the AOTM and watch two heavyweights go toe-to-toe on the issue that matters most: How do we defend the Catholic Church in Crisis?

After the dust settles, who will be left standing: The Investigative Catholic reporter, or the Catholic Apologist?

The AOTM is proud to present THE debate of the year.

Next at 7:30 PM

Mark Shea, Michael Voris go at it again but this time they are not alone: AOTM veterans Michael Matt and David Deavel join them in a spontaneous round table debate on "How do Laymen address the Crisis in the Church?” 

During this segment the opponents will go deeper into the issue brought up during the debate.   These men do not agree on this topic and are known for telling it like it is, having passion for what they believe—and this at a time when so many are lukewarm because of a lack of clarity.  Not so with these guys!

We will be taking questions from the audience during this time.
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  1. Calling Shea a heavyweight can only be interpreted as referring to the body.

  2. OMGosh, bring this event to Milwaukee!

  3. Having occasionally had to read Mr Shea's words, which sit in the mind like an overdose of green apples sits in the stomach, I will best give this debate a miss.

  4. I like Shea, even though I've disagreed with plenty of what he's said.

    I hope they have fun with it. Shea posted on his blog:

    "I was going to try for Lincoln/Douglas sobriety, but now I’m trying to decide on whether I want the purple and gold spandex costume with the the Mexican wrestler mask, or just the simple sumo loincloth."

    Catholics who can't laugh at themselves .... well, they should discover there's a Reason we can laugh. People can disagree and prod each other without being mortal enemies. Or even if they are enemies, they still can love each other.

  5. I don't get it. What do they have to fight about? They're both snow-white guys comfortable with living in privilege who are convinced men are superior to women, and that they're both superior to everybody. Shea and Voris in the same room talking = pure purgatory. They must not be encouraged.


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