Court Defends Right to Hand Out Bibles at Twin Cities Gay Pride Festival

In what one organization is hailing as a "victory" for religious liberty, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Brian Johnson can distribute Bibles at the Twin Cities Pride Fest in Minneapolis, Minn.

"It's a true victory" for religious liberty, Nate Kellum, chief counsel for the Center for Religious Expression (CRE), a nonprofit organization in Memphis, Tenn., dedicated entirely to the protection of religious speech, told The Christian Post on Monday.

Lead counsel for the case, Kellum explained that Johnson "felt the need to preach the Gospel through handing out Bibles at his own cost."

From 1998 to 2009, Kellum explained, Johnson gave Bibles away at a booth in the festival, and "never had any problems." But when the organizers decided to question his beliefs, they didn't like what they found. Pressured while applying for a booth, Johnson acknowledged that he considered the act of homosexuality a sin. He did not receive a booth in 2009.

Although Twin Cities Pride had denied him a booth, Johnson still attended the festival, walking around with a T-shirt reading "free Bibles," Kellum continued. When the professional organizer complained, the cops backed him up, and Johnson was arrested for trespass.
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