JS: After just two years, Pilarz stepping down as Marquette president

After just two years as president of Marquette University, Fr. Scott R. Pilarz is resigning, effective at the end of the fall semester.

According a university statement, Pilarz informed the Board of Trustees of his resignation now to allow the university to begin its search to have a new president in place for the 2014-15 academic year. Marquette will begin the search process for a new permanent president immediately.

Pilarz told the board that “after 10 years as a university president, I believe the time has come to consider other apostolic opportunities for me as a Jesuit priest. I have made this decision after much prayer, discernment and conversation with religious superiors, my spiritual director and others whose counsel I have sought over the past three years.”

Pilarz notified the board of his decision during a meeting Thursday afternoon in Washington, D.C., said Marquette spokesman Brian Dorrington. The board was there for the 25th anniversary of the university’s Les Aspin Center, which prepares students for public service.

“We weren't expecting this because of the many accomplishments that occurred in his time as president,” Dorrington said.

Multiple calls to board members, faculty and administrators were not returned Friday evening.
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  1. Sorry to seem him go, he had taken some steps, small, maybe tentative, but steps in the right direction.

    "Multiple calls to board members, faculty and administrators were not returned Friday evening." Classic Marquette, sigh.

    Prediction, laywomen or layman will be his successor.

  2. I am sure the "real story? would be interesting.


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