JS: Marquette Tribune calls on Father Scott Pilarz to explain departure

In an editorial posted Tuesday, Marquette University's student newspaper called on the school's president, Father Scott R. Pilarz, to provide further explanation on his decision to step down at the end of the fall semester.

In its editorial, the Marquette Tribune said that "in almost every instance of groundbreaking university decisions, Pilarz personally emailed the student population. From Pilarz's announcement about forming the new Big East Conference to his yearly poetry month emails, Pilarz has been nothing if not personable with the student body."

The editorial noted that on the school's presidential website there is a page that lists 39 emails that Pilarz has sent to the school's community during his tenure.

The editorial said: "With a leadership style as personable as Pilarz's, it is perplexing that he would resign with such little notice, especially without finishing out the academic year.

"In his welcome back to campus email to students this August, Pilarz wrote, 'Please know that your needs as students are at the heart of our efforts.'

"Well Pilarz, right now, students need an explanation. You owe us one more letter."
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and don't forget, unfortunately the next Marquette president may be layperson.


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