Madison Diocese prohibits field trips to Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

Children who attend Catholic schools in the Madison Catholic Diocese will no longer be taking field trips to the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery because the facility on the UW-Madison campus conducts research using embryonic stem cells.

The diocese announced its decision in a letter Thursday to principals and priests, saying the research runs counter to Catholic teaching on the sacredness of human life.

“Catholic schools in the Diocese of Madison may no longer participate in any activities, workshops or field trips at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery,” wrote Michael Lancaster, superintendent of Catholic schools. “Any plans to do so should be halted immediately, and alternative, morally acceptable means of meeting the educational objectives should be utilized.”

The decision, approved by Bishop Robert Morlino, affects about 7,400 children at 44 schools in 11 counties, Lancaster said. However, only a handful of Catholic schools had been taking students to the facility, he said.
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  1. Kudos to the concerned parents, school staff, school superintendent, Bishop Morlino and parish staff! Catholic students in the Diocese of Madison received a stunning education in Catholic faith and morals! There are many other venues offering solid & ethical science education. Hopefully this ban will encourage science professionals to review their own moral choices. People should not be destroyed in the pursuit of ideas.


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