The Cardinals in Milwaukee

No not those Cardinals.... 

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This first week of September 2013 will usher in one very special week for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

On Thursday, September 5, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, former Archbishop of Milwaukee, will be the keynote speaker at the annual Pallium Lecture at the Milwaukee Theatre. Cardinal Dolan will speak on the “Church.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen, hopefully soon to be a saint, frequently said in his many lectures that the theological question of our time is ecclesiology (the understanding of “church”). How we understand “church” and its necessity in shaping our spiritual lives, is a question we must answer for the good of our souls. Cardinal Dolan will offer his insights on the Church that he serves and loves.

The very next day, Friday, September 6, Cardinal James Harvey, one of the newest cardinals and a Milwaukee native, will join Cardinal Timothy Dolan as special guests at a dinner to support Saint Francis de Sales Seminary. The dinner will take place on the seminary grounds. The seminary itself is the oldest theological seminary in the midwest and one of the oldest in the country. The dinner will provide an opportunity for guests to tour the seminary and view firsthand the institution that trains and directs the lives of those aspiring to the priesthood.

The vast majority of the priests of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee received their training at St. Francis de Sales, an institution that produced three Cardinals. All of us are truly proud of the work of our seminary, as well as that of the vocations office, which challenges young men to listen to the call of the Holy Spirit.

On Saturday, September 7, we will gather at the Wisconsin Exposition Center for the Hearts United 2013: Eucharistic Rosary Rally for Peace and the Family. The Exposition Center is located at South 84th Street and W. Greenfield Avenue in Milwaukee, and begins at 12:30 p.m. Some may call it coincidental, but Pope Francis just recently called for a day of prayer and fasting for peace on September 7, the Vigil of the Birth of the Virgin Mary, at the same approximate time that the rally will take place. He called upon the churches of the world – even those representing our separated brethren -- to join him in prayer for peace at this specific time, with a special focus on the crisis in the Middle East.
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  1. "All of us are truly proud of the work of our seminary..." This is Milwaukee. Seriously? It's hard not to laugh. Is the archbishop unaware of what's been going on here for the past thirty years? We are a national embarrassment to in terms of serious, orthodox Catholicism.

    1. Anonymous:

      Have you noticed that the number of seminarians has increased substantially since Weakland resigned? That the newer, younger priests are committed to orthodoxy? That the one best priest in the archdiocese is now our auxiliary bishop? Sure, there's more work to do. But things have gotten better, and you're a dwarf in the stable if you dismiss all that...

    2. 1) see C.S. Lewis's The Last Battle for what I mean by "dwarf in the stable"

      2) That comment should be "Dave P." instead of "Unknown". Google glitch.

  2. St. Francis Seminary is getting better, like many other institutions like it. Their liturgies are acceptable, and the music is pretty good--much better than it used to be. MUCH better than even a few years ago.

    1. Still has a loooooooong ways to go. Although an awesome Priest by the name of Fr. Erich Weiss happen to be ordained a few years back. The metal tested in fire and purified by the Grace of God.


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