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Not much posting, I'm headed up to the Argument of the Month.  If I get some blood on my shirt, I will auction it off and the proceeds will go to Terry Nelson's Poodle Rescue program.  I am literally laughing out loud at his posts leading up to this.

I'm hoping to grab a few photos the next morning, the basilica there which I have not seen......  I've been warned to avoid going to Mass there if possible.  My poor aunt one time walked in on a "Gay Mass" there, probably almost as bad as a "Polka Mass."

There's a lot of buzz right now about the missteps of the Archdiocese with the recent abuse scandal.  I imagine that will be a topic I hear about.  Now today someone is accusing the Bishop of Duluth of participating in the coverup while he was vicar general for the archdiocese.  Just one problem, Bp. Sirba was never vicar general....  Embarrassing from the STrib, but they think they've got a scoop and they are going to run with it without any fact checking apparently.  This does all stem from I think a good person, Jennifer Haselberger, resigning from the archdiocese and it sounds like rightly so.  Look, everybody in the state is out to get the Catholics in Minnesota after the marriage amendment debacle.  And with SNAP sniffing around, always eager to get some statute of limitations removed(but only for the Church), there's no telling what they are ready to print.  That said, it looks like it will be hard to determine what is true or not without some decent journalism.

In other news:

SSPX:  A better interview from Cardinal Burke?  
Same interview making it rounds originally from The Catholic Servant.  Point being, the SSPX quoting the Cardinal.

Did you see the new Journal Sentinel design?  

Oh man, the reiki thing needs it's own post...

Update: Ray M says he double checked and Sirba was VG.   (I was just going by him)


  1. Haha! Glad you like the insanity - anxious to see your coverage of the great debate. Have fun.

  2. I don't know anything at all about Abbey Roads blog spot, but they have a hilarious Badger Catholic photo of you on your way to the debate: http://abbey-roads.blogspot.com/
    It's on the "Argument of the Month Club Oktoberfest..." posted on October 8th.


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