Abp Listecki on how he will be watching the Bears games

How will you be watching the Bears games?

I am pretty boring to watch the game with, because my sense is when I’m watching a game, I’m much more analytical in watching a game rather than the emotions, you know, or yelling or shouting.

That’s not a part of me; that is part of me when I’m engaged in the sport. Although, when I did coach I got quite a few technicals on the bench, because I would be analyzing a game and watch a ref blow a call or do something and I had this tendency not to remain silent.

Do you wear a jersey?

No, I don’t. I will if it’s put up for a fundraiser. I do have a Bears jersey. I have a Packers jersey. I have an Aaron Rodgers Packers jersey. I had a Clay Matthews jersey that was auctioned off a number of years ago. But I also have a Bears jersey – I have a (Dick) Butkus jersey – that’s my favorite Bears player of all time.

With whom do you normally watch?

Usually, because my schedule is such, it’s on a Sunday, I’m usually at events and stuff. When I get the time, I usually end up with a coffee cup watching a little section of the game. I don’t even get a chance to watch the whole game. I’m a fan of the sport, so although I have favorite teams, I just enjoy seeing the game played.
 Take 5 with Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki - The Catholic Herald

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