Christmas wins in Wausau! School District Reverses Decision on Religious Music

Last week the Wausau School District (WSD) administration had decided to limit "religious" music performed by the district's choral groups, including the elite Master Singers. In addition, the administration had decided that elementary schools could not hold Christmas/winter/holiday concerts in December. The new policies caused an outcry from area citizens who expressed dissatisfaction through emails. a Facebook page, and petition, and prompted a special meeting of the WSD school board on October 10.  WFA president Julaine Appling attended and spoke at the meeting.

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Wausau School Board to begin review process of Superintendent Kathleen Williams
The Wausau School Board voted to begin a performance review of Superintendent Kathleen Williams starting Oct. 21, and it likely will contain many questions about the uproar over students’ performance of religious music during concerts.

The unanimous vote occurred in front of a crowd of about 100 people at the School Board’s regular meeting held tonight at John Muir Middle School.

During the meeting, School Board member Pat McKee said he wants Williams to write a letter of apology to Wausau West’s choral director, students, staff members and the community for the upheaval. McKee also wants the School Board to vote to waive a clause in Williams’ contract that would require her to pay $6,000 if she were to resign without giving the board 90 days notice. He also proposed paying $2,000 per year so meetings can aired on public access TV and wants all meetings between Williams and School Board President Michelle Schaefer to be recorded. Those recordings would be distributed among other board members.

McKee said those actions could help the school district repair a fractured relationship with the community and bring forth greater transparency for district actions for the future.“I want to have a better understanding of what happened,” McKee said. He said he didn’t necessarily want Williams to resign, but if she did, he believed the district would receive more in donations than the $6,000 the district would lose if the board waived the clause.
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  1. I'm not convinced that Christmas won. What has resulted is that an atheist government school continues to govern what is acceptable content even if it is less restrictive than was proposed. The parents are left with the delusion that their government school is somehow compatible with a Christian formation of their children.


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