Follow up on new St. Thomas Univ. president; gives final blessing at Mass

What's stranger for me, is that at the Opening Mass for the school year, the priest said at the end, "And now, President Sullivan will bless us." And me and my friends were sitting there with jaws dropped thinking "No. No she won't. She's not a priest, you are. So you bless us." Hence why now, I go to Sunday mass at the Seminary instead of the campus chapel.
via a BC comment on Facebook

Yeah, some traditions should probably change once you decide to get rid of priest university presidents.  



  1. My son has been receiving solicitation letters from St. Thomas. I would like more information on the blessing after Mass, because this is more about the priest allowing an illicit liturgical abuse than the dissenting lay president. Any links I may cite when writing to Archbishop Nienstedt? Deo Gratias!

    1. I have none other than this comment relayed by a student. I'll see if I can find out contact information.

  2. I wonder if Abp. Nienstadt will intervene. And if he does, will the University do a "Land O' Lakes" on him and tell him to go pound sand?

    Dave P.


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