UW Badger Catholic granted eligibility for funding from UW SSFC

SSFC also heard an eligibility presentation from Badger Catholic.

Badger Catholic is a student organization that seeks to help connect students to a faith that will inspire them to better their lives and those around them and are dedicated to inspiring and maintaining a campus-wide discussion of faith, Sean McNally, President of Badger Catholic said.

Badger Catholic’s direct services include faith mentoring, which is available to all students, McNally said. The mentoring can be tailored to students in any aspect of faith regardless of religious tradition, he said.

McNally said other direct services include faith-based service trips and service meetings.

SSFC Rep. Justin Bloesch asked about the relationship between St. Paul’s Catholic Church and Badger Catholic.

Badger Catholic is an independent organization and interacts with St. Paul’s as it would with any other organization, McNally said. There is no relationship between the two, but the church does provide Badger Catholic with space to use, he said.
 Badger Herald
SSFC Chair David Vines said he met with MCSC representatives and has allowed the group to appeal their eligibility decision.

Members of University of Wisconsin’s student government unanimously voted to grant Badger Catholic eligibility for student segregated fees in their Monday meeting.

In a vote of 12-0, the Associated Students of Madison’s Student Service Finance Committee concluded Badger Catholic met all eligibility criteria to receive General Student Services Funding.

SSFC Vice Chair Ian Malmstadt said Badger Catholic, a religious student organization which looks to connect students through faith, reaches the majority of the student body with direct services for the student population.

Badger Catholic President Sean McNally said a broad perspective of world religions is an “essential part of the liberal arts education promoted by the university,” and added he would like to see improvements in religious engagement on campus.
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