Wausau Woman Accused of Giving Birth, Throwing Baby in Dumpster

A 33-year-old Wausau woman is charged with concealing the death of child after she prematurely gave birth, and allegedly threw the baby away in the garbage.

Zoua Yang told investigators she did not know she was pregnant when she gave birth on October 10. A witness said Yang gave birth in a bathroom. The infant did not move or cry, according to court documents, and investigators were not able to determine whether the child was alive when it was born.

On October 17, dispatch received a call reporting the incident. A search was conducted at the Marathon County Landfill in Hatley to find the infant, but was called off because a forensic pathologist determined the child's body would be too badly decomposed to conduct an autopsy.

A witness said Yang put the baby in a plastic bag and threw it away. A family member attempted to retrieve the baby from the dumpster, but the trash had already been taken out.

Investigators say they believe the infant was born at seven months gestation. They say Yang made no effort to seek medical help for the baby.

Yang said she did not got to the doctor because she did not have health insurance. 

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The state should spend money to promote the existing Safe Haven Laws enacted to prevent this kind of thing.  
You can leave your baby, up to 3 days old, with an employee at any hospital, fire station, sheriff's office, police station, emergency medical services provider or any other law enforcement agency in Wisconsin.
No questions asked. If you know a woman panicked and desperate, let them know.

Now, if the child was indeed dead after birth, it is against the law to throw dead people away. 

I would suggest a much better idea like the Madison Miracle of Life Rosary Garden.  

Also I'd recommend a column Steve wrote a while back: Treat miscarried babies with the dignity they deserve

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  1. Don't forget about the Memorial to the Unborn at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe http://www.guadalupeshrine.org/visit/devotional-areas/memorial-to-the-unborn


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