WisSJ: Pope gives Bishop Robert Morlino some 'homework'

At his first meeting with Pope Francis, Madison Catholic Bishop Robert Morlino said the pontiff gave him and other bishops in attendance some "homework."

"He asked us to consider whether, in our parishes, we are working for the common goal of harmony in the faith, or whether we are spending our time quarreling and gossiping," Morlino writes in this week's Catholic Herald, the newspaper of the Madison Catholic Diocese. "It's very clear that he's very upset at the amount of gossip that is infecting the Church in Rome, but he knows very well its power in our own communities and our own homes."
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  1. Gossip, infecting the Church in Rome? I'm shocked! NOT!!!!!
    As for the quarreling, I suspect a lot of that in the Madison diocese is coming from those who refuse to accept Bishop Morlino's authority when it come to calling all Catholics to be faithful to the authentic magisterial teachings of the Church. Things this blog has posted on many a time.

  2. Francis likely objects to bloggers posting about problems in the Church.

  3. It is not gossip if the facts are true about the sad state of a number parishes in our diocese who have been man-handled by the dictates of Morlino. Pay, pray and obey is his mantra -- not much like what Pope Francis is telling us.

    1. You mean like this:


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