Abp. Listecki invokes Fr. John Hardon

For me, last Saturday Nov. 2, was an all-Catholic day. It began early in the morning with the celebration of three Masses on the feast of All Souls. On All Souls Day, a priest is allowed to celebrate three Masses: one for personal intentions, another for the faithful and the third for the intentions of the Pope (Pope Francis certainly needs our prayers). Remembering the souls of the dead is extremely important. During my grammar school years, the good sisters reminded all of us to pray especially for the most neglected souls in purgatory.

Many Catholics have forgotten the teaching on purgatory. Father Hardon, S.J., explains: “Purgatory is the place or condition in which the souls of the just are purified after death and before they enter heaven.” (Modern Catholic Dictionary) It’s consoling to me that I can assist those souls even after death with my prayers and good works.

It’s also important to note that the souls in purgatory can intercede for us. In a world where we are never held responsible and it’s almost unthinkable that God would hold us accountable for our actions the poor souls in purgatory become victims of theological complacency. My sister Penny always reminds me to pray for the most neglected soul in Purgatory. I hope that this neglected soul is interceding for all of us.
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