Bp. Callahan of La Crosse elected to Catholic Relief Services board

On November 11, the following bishops were elected to the board of Catholic Relief Services (CRS): Bishop William P. Callahan, OFM Conv., of La Crosse, Wisconsin, Bishop Frank Dewane of Venice, Florida, and Bishop Cirilo B. Flores of San Diego.

With the controversies surrounding CRS, I think you could say that Bp. Callahan is CRS "friendly," so it doesn't look like the USCCB is looking at shaking anything up. 

I used to be a monthly supporter of CRS.  When I first began supporting them, I actually emailed and got a response to which I asked if any moneys are spent on contraceptive programs.  Unfortunately I lost the email but the response was a confirmation that no money was spent that way.  Honestly, I keep trying to talk myself into going back but I just simply cant without betraying my conscience. 

I'm curious, do any of you contribute to another charity or missionaries where you feel your money is used appropriately?


  1. Related to this...BC, did you catch His Excellency's letter in the church bulletins this past weekend about CCHD collection?

    1. Was it an insert or something? I don't see it in any bulletins.

  2. I haven't been out there in a while, but man that diocesan website is terrible.

  3. Yes, 'twas an insert...I'll scan you a copy.

  4. I'll bet it was just a copy of the canned USCCB blurbs:

  5. Like you I was a monthly donor to CRS but stopped long before their collaboration with morally questionable groups was widely known. I developed a discomfort after receiving CRS solicitations month after month with photos of Muslim people being assisted by CRS. There are Muslim charities and aid organizations like the Red Crescent established to help only Muslims while CRS simply adds to those efforts. Meantime, the poor and suffering Catholics in central and south America can never expect assistance from a Muslim charity. It's like today's ecumenism, a one-way street that ends with Catholics becoming more Protestant and nobody becoming more Catholic.


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