Chesterton sketches: When the revolution comes

Did you know that G. K. Chesterton was not only an essayist, novelist, raconteur, and possibly a saint, but also a cartoonist as well?

In 1911, as he was publishing his Father Brown stories and just before his intermittent debating opponent George Bernard Shaw would write Pygmalion, the London magazine The Sketch published a series of Chesterton’s cartoons, all on the theme of “When the Revolution Comes.” Here’s a selection of three of them, illustrating his humor, as well as his unerring ability to find the absurd nub of the radical Progressivist cause. 

Chesterton’s friend and fellow writer, Hilaire Belloc, of course, often confronted Leftists with what would, in our day, come to be known as “hatefacts.”
Chesterton here is making fun of his own avoirdupois. However, under nationalized medicine, unhealthy activity, like smoking cigars or carrying excess weight, is positively anti-social and counter-revolutionary.
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How could someone NOT love GKC.  Seriously. 

Speaking of when the revolution comes.... I think I ought to post a nice conspiracy theory considering how wonderfully apocalyptic the readings are this time of year.  Something to help wear off the tryptophan?  (my friends murmuring to each other... no, not that...)

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