Dad29: WI Democrat state senator promises "all of hell" if pro-life bills debated next week

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Yup.  It's their way of doing things.

A Democratic state senator on Thursday promised "all out hell" if the Wisconsin Senate debates a pair of anti-abortion bills next week.

Sen. Jon Erpenbach, of Middleton, made the comment after the Senate Health Committee voted 3-2 along party lines on a pair of Republican-sponsored abortion bills that have already passed in the Assembly.
Erpenbach may well be acquainted with Hell, or at least some of its minions, so he may be running his mouth from personal knowledge.

...One bill would ban abortions that are solely based on whether the fetus is male or female, also known as sex selection. Democrats say the measure is unnecessary because few, if any, abortions are done for that reason.

The other bill, which drew the most ire from Democrats, would prohibit public workers' health insurance plans from covering abortions and exempt religious organizations from providing insurance coverage for contraceptives. The employee could get contraceptives if they are prescribed for a reason other than preventing a pregnancy...

Nor should the State dictate what "benefits" must be paid for by its subjects in all cases.

The first bill stops the State from forcing its taxpayers to pay for child murder.  If State employees want to murder their children, they can do it on their own dime.

The second bill is a matter of public policy, well within the bounds of legislative purview.  And of course, employees of private businesses have choices; they can always go somewhere else.

Speaking of 'going someplace else,' I hear that both the Clock Tower and Hell are still open.  Maybe Erpenbach should check in.
In Dante's time, abortion wasn't the epic societal failure that it is today, but I wonder where the abortionistas will end up if we go by levels.

Bartolomeo's Inferno

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  1. A particular passage of scripture, from the psalms, comes to mind about they will themselves fall in the trap they have set. Rather ironic that he would threaten to call upon all hell to break out don't you think? He may very well get what he promised and will be very surprised at the true ferocity of what he dared to threaten rhetorically. Serious prayer is needed here.


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