Democrats’ ‘intelligence-gathering’ spreads in Wisconsin

MADISON – Democrats using the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office to launch an investigation into conservative political organizations have targeted Columbia and Iowa counties, a source familiar with the probe tells Wisconsin Reporter.

The source, who asked not to be identified because of his closeness to people involved in the so-called John Doe investigation, said he knew of three subpoenas, and said law enforcement officials have seized electronic devices and papers in Columbia and Dane counties.

“I was told basically that (Gov. Scott) Walker is too powerful; they want to bring him down,” the source said.

Other insiders corroborated that account. They said John Doe Two, as the probe has been dubbed, has gone after such national groups as Americans for Prosperity, Club for Growth and the Republican Governors Association.
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Originally reported by JS: Secret probe spreads to five Wisconsin counties


  1. The special prosecutor, Francis Schmitz, is an acquaintance of mine. His activity in the Milwaukee US Attorney's office was never questioned--and in fact, he told ATF to go fly a kite when they requested that he prosecute a mentally retarded individual whom ATF had PAID to distribute their entrapment literature. (That was the ultra-botched ATF op of last spring/summer.)

    On my knowledge of the man and this (admittedly anecdotal) incident, I think the prosecution, if any, will be justified.

    We'll see if that opinion holds any water. It IS possible, after all, that these groups did violate election-finance laws, is it not?

    1. A little bit of Chicago in our neck of the woods. It will be interesting to see what happens. Clearly this kind of thing could swing both ways.


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