Frank the Tank! Frank the Tank!

Frank Kaminsky broke the school single-game scoring record by a point with 43 against North Dakota on Tuesday.


  1. Yawn.

    "Jack Taylor tops 100 points again"

    1. I would recommend this article on Taylor. I'm all for Sconnies breaking records but... well, if you read the article I think it makes sense.

    2. I get tired of cry babies that think a game has to played a certain way.
      What matters is the final score. Grinnell is posting winning seasons. If their system is so bad, have it proven on the floor.

      The same complaints were made about an Iowa HS girls coach who would win games 4-2. Iowa girls HS basketball used to be 6 player teams with 3 each always on one side of the floor [3 always offense/3 always defense]. Instead of trying to compete against better scoring teams, this coach would basically have the girls play keep away [no shot clock] and take time off the clock and win with a couple of sure shots. The opponents would hardly touch the ball all game.

      The goal is to win the game and put the most balls through the hoop. Crying about how that is done is...well...just crying.

    3. I see your point. The same people who complain Taylor scored too much complain the Badgers dont' score enough by doing the exact opposite and slow the pace down. My cousin met Jack Taylor's coach and said he is a great guy.

    4. Well, you've heard the old expression:

      Those that can play, play.
      Those that can't play, coach.
      Those that can't coach do color analysis.
      Those that can't analyze, write sports columns.


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