Gay marriage "blasted" in letter by Cardinal George

November 17, 2013 (CHICAGO) -- One of the most high-profile religious leaders who opposed Illinois' new same-sex marriage legislation says the law will have consequences for the church and society.

Chicago's Cardinal Francis George has written a letter he asked be posted in churches. George oversees the Archdiocese of Chicago, which serves more than 2 million Catholics in northeastern Illinois.

In the letter, George claims that the law is bad because it'll contribute to "the further dissolution of marriage and family life." He also says that all people must be respected without exception.  [That's "blasting"??]

Gov. Pat Quinn will sign legislation later this week to make Illinois the next state to allow same-sex marriage. Backers have called it a matter of equality and civil rights. They've also cast it as a way to keep families together.

I can't find the letter though.  Anyone else know where to find it?

I've seen "blasting" of unnatural unions, and that ain't it. 

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  1. Here.
    Pretty weak. "...we will do our best to adjust to this [bad law] for the sake of social harmony"

    Is there anything the hierarchy won't stoop to for "social harmony"?

  2. Actually this is all the more interesting considering Francis' recent sermon from Maccabees.

    Citing the Old Testament passage, he continued: 'Let us go and make a covenant with the Gentiles round about us; we cannot become isolated' or remain stuck in our old traditions. 'Let us go and make a covenant with them, for since we separated from them many evils have come upon us'. The proposal so pleased them, the Pope said, that some of the people eagerly went to see the king, to bargain with the king, to negotiate”.

    While ++George is not endorsing this law by any means, he is suggesting we make peace with it for social harmony so that "evils do come upon us". Bit by bit the Church leaders yield and make peace with the Gentiles. After so many decades of doing this, there are no defenses or defenders left with which to make any kind of stand.

  3. 1. To pretend Cardinal George is weak is entirely absurd.
    2. To there is nothing to yield so I don't understand your second point
    3. Theologically speaking wouldn't we all be Gentiles since Peter and Paul eventually called both Gentiles and Jews into the Church; if you aren't one, you must be the other?

    1. Per 1: It's been so long seen we've seen a strong bishop, you've obviously forgotten what it looks like. Off the top of my head:
      Greeley. And who claimed to have information on the "lavendar mafia" but George never forced him to reveal it--thus no interest in actually cleaning up his diocesan priesthood.
      Dan McCormack
      and now Fr. Barron is head of Mundelein forming priests after a smarmy eulogy of Greeley and squishy theology on hell. Mundelein remains Mundelein.

      Per 2. If a quiet letter about getting along without active protest is not yielding, what is?

      Per 3. If you had read your Aquinas, you'd find that Gentiles had come to mean pagans not converted to Christianity.


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