Milwaukee Archdiocese adopting Common Core

Catholic schools in the Milwaukee Archdiocese will continue to focus on, and even strengthen, the infusion of Catholic teachings in all courses despite signing on to a controversial set of national learning standards some fear could spell the demise of Catholic education.

Common Core, a state-led initiative being promoted by the Obama administration through federal grants to states, is a nationwide set of student learning expectations aimed at developing creative and analytical approaches to problem solving and education.

“What Common Core involves is developing thinking skills in students. There is no dictation at all of content or curriculum. Common Core is a set of benchmarks or goals we would want any student who graduates from our schools to develop,” Cepelka said.

Some parents question program

But some parents in the archdiocese question the wisdom or need to open what they consider an exemplary Catholic education system to government or private control under Common Core.

“Our priority is that our children receive a Catholic education and practice their faith in their daily school lives. Common Core was not designed as a means to help enrich our children’s faith,” said Abby Figi of Franklin, who has three children enrolled at St. Alphonsus School in Greendale.
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  1. I hate to ask this, do you see why many Milwaukeeans see Archbishop Listecki as a seriously misguided individual? I'm afraid that the exalted cloth that he wears has been sullied by this.

    1. If this was Abp. Listecki's call, he is wrong. He was also not quite so high on a classical academy in La Crosse during his time here - although that may have been more of a political thing than a dislike for classical education.

  2. Home school, home school, home school.
    (while it's still legal).

  3. Actually, Matt, if not for (then) Bishop Listecki's intervention Providence Academy would never have found a home at St. James Parish, where it has been since its founding.


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