More good news on Dominic Pio

Dominic's greatest love is his siblings, he cannot get enough of them and loves to play with them all day long.  He always has a BIG hug (he squeezes you so hard!) and a kiss when asked for one.  He thinks it's funny to give as big a hug as he can.  He is shy around strangers and knows when they are talking about him, when he hears them he puts his head down into his arms and hides.  Dominic absolutely loves music and one of his favorite past times is being left with the piano to plunk out sounds, or listen to music and dance along.  Dominic is just beginning to get the idea of crawling, it is slow, but steady progress.  He does not walk yet, but will bear weight and stand on his legs with assistance.  He self feeds and is starting to follow simple directions.  He seems to understand so much, but he cannot talk yet.  Some of that is because his mouth has undergone major changes since he was born.  He is using simple sign language, especially the sign for "want" and "more".

Health-wise, Dominic is doing amazing!!  He continues to be drug-free.  The G-tube has been removed, which is great for hugging him now.  Dominic had surgery last August in Chicago to repair his very open cleft palat.  The surgeon Dr. Gosain did an excellent job and it was an all around great experience!  We will go in for a revision on the palat most likely in May.  Even with yet a small opening in his palat, Dominic has managed to learn how to suck, he does beat all with food and drink, the boy does not stop eating!

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