Abp. Listecki on the recent fortunes of the Green Bay Packers

There are a few moments in sports that can turn a rock solid atheist into a true believer. We all know of the famed “Hail Mary” pass in football when quite a few of the godless fans utter prayers at the moment that last desperation pass is thrown. We experienced another one of those times last Sunday during the Green Bay Packers game against the Dallas Cowboys.

The Packers, who were totally dominated in the first half of the game, had every Packers fan talking about next season and I imagine that some of the more devastated Packers fans were picking up the pieces to their remote controls after throwing them at their TV screens.

Then, something started to happen, “O Ye of little faith,” the second half was a turn-about for the ages. Was it the novenas being offered by the faithful or was it the heavenly intervention of “St. Lombardi”? All I know is that the impossible did happen. The largest deficit in Packers history was wiped away and the Pack emerged victorious, so miracles do happen. However, that was not the end of the miracle as even with the last second win, the Pack was still behind the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions in the standings.

The Lions had the Monday night game against last year’s Super Bowl champions, the Baltimore Ravens. It appeared that the Lions had won the game, when the Ravens made a last ditch 61-yard field goal in an attempt to secure a Ravens’ victory – everything on the leg of a kicker. It happens in the NFL, but 61 yards?! Fifty yards, 55 maybe – but there are just too many things that could go wrong in a kick of 61 yards.
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I thoroughly enjoy His Excellency's articles - although I do disagree at times(*cough* Common Core).  And I especially like the fact he doesn't sell himself as a Packers fan like ... some prelates do when moving to a new city. 


  1. i agree his honesty on what he likes is refreshing in a world of pandering

  2. Let's Go Steelers! Should be a good game on Sunday! :)


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