Cardinal Burke has now also been removed for the Congregation of the Causes of the Saints

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Cardinal Burke also removed from Congregation for Cause of Saints ^

Posted on Thursday, December 19, 2013 4:33:13 PM by piusv
Here is the English translation of link:
(Vatican) Francis Pope took today personnel decisions to another Roman Pontifical Council ago. The Catholic Church leader confirmed Cardinal Angelo Amato as prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints . However, Cardinal Amato will continue only after the formula " Donec aliter provideatur " and thus provisionally in office. In contrast, Pope Francis Archbishop Marcello Bartolucci confirmed as secretary of the Congregation with regular term. This difference in treatment suggests that Cardinal Amato is the future of the Roman Curia , at least as Prefect of the Congregation , not backed up.
Cardinal Burke fallen out of favor with Pope Francis ? On Monday distant Pope Francis Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke as a member of the Congregation for Bishops (see separate report Other victims of the curia reconstruction - Cardinal Burke removed from the Congregation for Bishops ) . Today he dismissed him as a member of the Congregation of Saints . Pope Francis seems to dismantle the traditional friendly U.S. Cardinal gradually . That Cardinal Burke was not among the Francis - voters , in Rome applies since April as an open secret. Whether he is therefore dropped or because of his partisanship for the extraordinary form of the Roman rite with Pope Francis in disgrace, is not known. Currently, Cardinal Burke is only a member of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments . One of the three Departments of , has not yet decided on the Pope Francis.

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  1. Very sad. But we respond with prayer, sacrifices, trust and gratitude for the wonderful and ongoing work of Cardinal Burke. God bless him.

  2. Hey, with a little luck, ++Burke will be relieved of all Curia duties, and he can come back to reside in LAX. Merely having a post when your advice is going to be ignored anyway doesn't do the Church any good. He might as well be back here directly giving spiritual comfort to the faithful as we prepare for the mounting persecution.

    1. [he can come back to reside in LAX.]
      I cannot imagine that that will happen. I suspect he will be given a cell in a monastery somewhere for the remainder of his days.
      [++Burke will be relieved of all Curia duties]
      I suspect that is true... I think he will be relieved of all duties.

  3. Does anyone know if any other cardinals have seemingly fallen from the Holy Father's (JP2 or B16) graces in the past? On the surface, this seems to be a huge deal, but perhaps it is more normal than I realize. Thanks for any insight.

  4. Very sad. Praying for Pope Francis and the Church, that he remains faithful to the Word of God and does not try to reinvent the wheel. Dismissing Cardinal Burke is a concern and is distressing. I have no doubt that God will continue to use Cardinal Burke to advance the Truth of His Word.


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