Althouse: Are womb transplants controversial?

via Althouse
Because they are not needed to save a life and unlike transplanted hands and faces — which are not life-saving but improve life — are not even permanent. They are installed for the temporary purpose of enabling a woman to become pregnant and to give birth. And the donors are living — relatives of the woman who wants to bear a child.

The transplant operations did not connect the women's uteruses to their fallopian tubes, so they are unable to get pregnant naturally. But all who received a womb have their own ovaries and can make eggs. Before the operation, they had some removed to create embryos through in-vitro fertilization. The embryos were then frozen and doctors plan to transfer them into the new wombs, allowing the women to carry their own biological children.
Is it ethical?  ... The problem with any transplant is that you now create an economy of human organs.  Sure it is agnostic at first, but quickly this can be a stepping stone for euthanasia or human cloning to harvest organs for sale.  Thoughts?   Feel free to comment there.

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