Battle over insurance in Milwaukee Archdiocese bankruptcy heats up

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee filed a lawsuit Wednesday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court seeking to recover more than $2.6 million in legal fees from the firm now known as OneBeacon Insurance Co.

On the same day, OneBeacon asked U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Susan V. Kelley to lift the automatic stay imposed by the bankruptcy on all litigation involving the archdiocese so the Wisconsin Supreme Court can decide once and for all whether the insurer is liable for the church's actions related to the sexual abuse of children.

Archdiocese spokesman Jerry Topczewski said it would oppose OneBeacon's motion, saying "it distracts from the real issues needing move the case forward," including the payment of legal fees.

"OneBeacon has an obligation to pay for these costs under the insurance policies and...the archdiocese is committed to pursuing the monies it has coming to help pay the cost of the bankruptcy proceeding," Topczewski said in an email.
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  1. Archdiocese spokesman Jerry Topczewski you also have an obligation to pay all the victims so pay up! And stop being a fist class sinner and hurting people, get these folks paid, and end this! Stop trying to save a buck! You say that OneBeacon has an obligation well guess what so do you, stop trying to kick victims out and pay these people for all the pain you and your kind have caused them! God is NOT happy with you people! more worried about saving a buck than all these people you hurt!

  2. People need heeling something you dont care about at all! Pay these people and let everyone get on with there life, and put your mistakes in their past!


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