IIMB: St. Casimir Church, Milwaukee, WI

My family and I had the great delight of attending Mass at St. Casimir's Church, part of Our Lady of Divine Providence Parish, in Milwaukee's Riverwest Neighborhood, for the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.  A year ago I wrote a post about The Seven Most Beautiful Churches in Milwaukee. This one should have definitely been included in that list, making the number eight.  It was gorgeous and I thoroughly enjoyed praying and worshiping God there!

The choir sang several Polish Christmas carols which brought back beautiful memories of my parents who would frequently listen to Czech and Polish carols.  One of the carols is included at the end of this post.

There are so many Catholic treasures hidden in the city. What a joy it is to discover and share them!
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  1. When's the wreckovation?

  2. When's the wreckovation?

  3. Already happened. The communion rail's gone, and the freestanding altar is thrust out on a platform in an early-90's off-center "Table of the Word/Table of the Bread" arrangement.

    Dave P.

    1. Dave....please revisit the parish when you can no more off centered fun happening there.


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