TPE: Freeing them from this meddlesome issue

N.L. posts at The Economist's Democracy in America Blog on the controversy surrounding Common Core education standards.

"Many more horror stories will unfold about the common core this year. And you never know, one or two of them may even be true."

For example, in a letter to the members of the USCCB Committee on Catholic Education defending Common Core, three members of the faculty of Loyola University of Chicago wrote,

"Many opponents of the CCSS point to Appendix B as proof that objectionable texts are required and that some classical texts are prohibited."

You might here expect them to show how the texts referred to are not objectionable. They do not.

"The concern that Catholic schools won't be allowed to use their own texts is a misread [sic] of the Common Core State Standards. No Catholic school is required to use any of the texts in Appendix B and they may add other texts."

This letter was published as an op-ed in the print edition of the Milwaukee Catholic Herald of December 5, 2013.
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