9 Things You Need to Know About The John Doe Document Dump

1. No charges against Walker. The material released Wednesday was nearly four years old and part of an investigation that ended with no charges against the governor. The 27,000 pages of emails consisted largely of volumes of old news, office gossip, political chatter, and unproved allegations. 
2. Nothing new.  Nothing in the new batch of emails incriminates Walker in any way. If there was evidence of criminal activity, prosecutors would have filed charges. Instead, they shut down that probe without charges against the governor. 
3. No link. The emails that supposedly "link" Walker to the "secret" email system don't.  In one email, Cindy Archer mentions that she uses a non-public email to communicate with Walker. The "secret system" turns out to be... a private email account. Despite the breathless headline, it does not show that Walker knew of the secret router system that Kelly Rindfleisch used to conduct campaign work for others. Archer's house was subsequently raided. Neither Archer nor Walker were charged.  In another email cited by the paper, Walker tells a staffer "No more laptops." This is not evidence he knew of a  "secret" system.... it is evidence that he wanted no political activity by county staffers. As our Savvy Pundit notes, the email shows "Walker firmly telling staff that any sort of mixing of campaign activity with his office work was unacceptable – no excuses, no technological end-arounds, no more."
4. Court of public opinion... not of law.  The prosecutors who released these emails could not convict Walker in a court of law, so they are resorting to a media trial in the court of public opinion.
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In other words, a total embarrassment.   JS still trying to sell it as a "secret email system."  Sheesh.  Desperation is a stinky cologne.



  1. Your posts on religion are generally very good, especially on the life of the Church in Wisconsin. Your posts on partisan politics, not so much. I won't troll so much as to point out all the factual errors above, but I would like to share my opinion I much prefer your non-partisan posts, especially given the nature and title of this blog; plus the other posts seem to have more thought and credibility to them.

    1. ... I would suggest at least posting a link to an article refuting the claims.

      We follow all pro-life politicians from the state, the same as we have for five years.


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