Abp. Listecki on the Real Super Bowl

I have often been told, don’t anticipate. You can create in your mind something way beyond the reality and that certainly would have been good advice for anyone speculating about last Sunday’s Super Bowl. Of course all the “cognoscenti” (those in the know), were predicting the greatest, most competitive game ever; the number #1 offense vs. the number #1 defense. Most predicted the winner and loser would be separated by only three points.

A friend told me he was preparing nachos for his Super Bowl party and by the time he returned the Denver Broncos were down 8-0. I was involved with something for the Archdiocese and figured I’d catch the last half of this most competitive of games. Imagine my shock at the 22-0 score, when I finally turned the game on. Well, all the anticipation remained just mental gymnastics in the imagination of many. It was supposed to be the game of games. However, in reality, it was more a “Boring Bowl” than a Super Bowl. I am sad for quarterback Peyton Manning of the Broncos, seemingly a genuinely good man, but certainly happy for Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. This former quarterback for the Wisconsin Badgers, appears to be a class act.

But honestly, for us Midwesterners our Super Bowl took place a few weeks ago when the Chicago Bears squared off against the Green Bay Packers at Soldier Field. Now that was a game! It was the real NFL, the Packers and the Bears for the whole enchilada - the NFC North Division Championship. We always have next year, God willing.
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LOL.  Yet that's kind of a sad statement for all of us, hahaha.


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