Catholics United for the Faith responds to Milwaukee Archdiocese Common Core decision

via Cream City Catholic - quoting Catholics United for the Faith newsletter - perhaps from the print version of MkeCH? 
Fr. Joseph Shimek, in the most recent diocesan promotion of Common Core, claims that where Common Core standards are relevant, “their integration…is directly managed by the Archdiocese, making sure that nothing unacceptable is embedded in them.” Really? For almost 15 years the diocesan “Valuing Your Sexuality” (VYS) program required middle school boys and girls to draw pictures of genital, body parts and sexual activity! In VYS, birth control, abortion and sex acts were “opinion” questions, judged through moral relativism. After being exposed on national TV in 1985, VYS was finally canceled in the early 1990s. In addition, in the early 1980s, eighth graders in a local Catholic school were given a Planned Parenthood book (with 12 pages of contraception instruction, including pictures) by the parish priest! Around that same time, a senior English class at a local Catholic high school was assigned The World According to Garp, until stopped by a parent. (Would not Quo Vadis, or Ben Hur, have been a better novel for Catholic seniors?) And, now parents are being asked to trust the diocese?
the whole thing over there.

Wow.   I looked up the Garp book, it is bizarre.

I was told that perhaps thousands of concerned parents have contacted the archdiocese with complains about the Common Core adoption - and that the archdiocese is not replying to anyone.  

Money talks - I hope you have an independent school in your area to take advantage of if you are unable to homeschool.

Also Dad29: The Father of "Common Core" v. Fr. Joe 


  1. "directly managed by the Archdiocese..." And that's supposed to be a source of comfort? How out of touch are these people? This is Milwaukee, after all.

  2. Our children and now, grandchildren, went to and some still in SSPX High School. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Confessions, the Blessed Sacrament in their Chapels in the schools to visit, Baltimore Catechism...ensconsed, daily, in a truly Catholic environment. Deo Gratias!

  3. The fact that it is "directly managed by the Archdiocese" is alone reason for suspicion . Given the fact that Weakland and his allies still run the Archdiocese, I'm beginning to think we are just running around in circles. Why is the Milwaukee Archdiocese the only one in the state holding onto CC? What is in it for them?

  4. It is no small irony that Fr. J. Shimek's high-school education was obtained at an independent (secular) institution, NOT a "Catholic" high school.

  5. Only Radical traditionalist Catholics are up in arms concerning cc and the arguments are incredibly weak. Looking for outlier's in any given situation leads to a brittle argument and convinces no one.


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