Gender Ideology and Cultural Marxism

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Rorate posted a "Pastoral letter" from the Polish Bishops' Conference on marriage and "Cultural Marxism."  For some people, "pastoral" means letting the sheep be eaten by wolves if that's what they truly feel makes them happy.  Apparently the Polish Bishops think otherwise.  This is brilliant. .... can we get something like this in the US?  I did find that the USCCB has a well updated section for Defense of Marriage in the News.
["Gender" Ideology and Cultural Marxism]

The gender ideology is the product of many decades of ideological and cultural changes that are deeply rooted in Marxism and neo-Marxism endorsed by some feminist movements and the sexual revolution. This ideology promotes principles that are totally contrary to reality and an integral understanding of human nature. It maintains that biological sex is not socially significant and that cultural sex which humans can freely develop and determine irrespective of biological conditions is most important. According to this ideology, humans can freely determine whether they want to be men or women and freely choose their sexual orientation. This voluntary self-determination, not necessarily life-long, is to make the society accept the right to set up new types of families, for instance, families built on homosexual relations.

The danger of gender ideology lies in its very destructive character both for men, people contacts and social life as a whole. Humans unsure of their sexual identity are not capable of discovering and fulfilling tasks that they face in their marital, family social and professional lives. Attempts to form different types of relations de facto seriously weaken marriage as a community created by a man and a woman and the family built on marriage.

We see different attitudes formed in reaction to actions demonstrated by advocates of the gender ideology. A decisive majority has no idea what this ideology is about and consequently does not feel threatened by it. A small group of people, particularly teachers and educators, as well as Catechists and pastoral ministers, tries to find their own constructive ways to counter this ideology. Finally there are those who, seeing the absurdity of this ideology, believe that Poles will reject the utopian visions they are presented with. Meanwhile, without public knowledge or Poles’ consent for many months now the gender ideology has been slowly introduced into different structures of social life: education, health service, cultural and education centres and non-governmental organisations. Some media portray this ideology in a positive way: as a means to counteract violence and to aim for equality.
continue at Rorate Caeli for the full letter

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  1. "This is brilliant. .... can we get something like this in the US?"

    No, we can't. Too many homosexuals in the priesthood and episcopacy.
    Thanks for playing. So Johnny, what parting gift do we have for our contestant?

    Well, Cassandra, we have a framed, autographed copy of Fr. Harvey's
    Observations Concerning the Revised Text of Always Our Children!


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