Indiana exorcisms: "two in English, and one in Latin"

This story has been really popular in secular new sources.  An interesting note... 
Both a Catholic priest, Father Michael Maginot, and clairvoyants were called upon to help fix the situation and after they clairvoyants declared that there were over 200 demons present in the house, Father Maginot began to work his magic. [maybe put some quotes around "magic"]

The priest is said to have performed three exorcisms altogether--two in English, and one in Latin--all on Latoya Ammons. They were performed at his church, St. Stephen Martyr, located in Merriville, IN.

The family has since moved out and the new family denies that any supernatural activity has taken place in the house.
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So I wonder what the reasoning was.... and was this the ordinary exorcism rite said in Latin or was it the traditional exorcism rite

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