Milwaukee archdiocese reports $19 million in costs for bankruptcy filing

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee has revealed that it has spent over $19 million in legal fees and associated expenses in connection with its bankruptcy filing.

In new documents submitted to a federal bankruptcy court, the archdiocese proposed a payment of $4 million to 125 sex-abuse victims. That payment represents a relatively small payment for each individual plaintiff, in comparison with other diocesan settlements; it also allows no cash settlements for more than 400 other people who have lodged abuse complaints. Lawyers for abuse victims have criticized the archdiocesan proposal, saying that more funds should be made available to the victims.

If the court sides with the victims' lawyers and rejects the proposed settlement, the archdiocese will incur greater legal costs in the bankruptcy process.
details at Catholic Culture 

Also JS: Archdiocesan reorganization plan raises fairness questions

I've seen some say the Cousins Center should be sold, but last I knew the archdiocese said they did not own it.  

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