SouthernOrders: Is Cardinal Burke's liturgical vision out of date or ahead of its time?

Money Quote from Cardinal Burke:

The reform that was done, the reform of the rites, went beyond and in some senses perhaps not completely coherently, with what the Council Fathers had set forth. We need to go back and to…not negate everything that happened, and it’s not that everything that happened at the Council was bad and wrong. But we need to correct the abuses that entered in and so forth. I have the hope that some of those elements, for instance, that were taken away will be reincorporated again, so it will be more evident, the organic unity of the two forms of the same rite.

When you listen to Cardinal Burke in this 2012 interview, it sounds to me that he would have been very much involved in what the Anglican Use Mass has recovered in its Appendix to it new Roman Missal as Cardinal Burke was and still is a member of the Congregation for Divine Worship. So what he speaks must have been spoken in those meetings and certainly in the recent revision of the Anglican Use Mass which had to be approved by the new Holy Father, Pope Francis.

These are the things in the Anglican Use Liturgy that show the organic unity between the Extraordinary Form Mass and the Ordinary Form Mass and one can see here, in a clairvoyant way, what is in store for the rest of the Latin Rite Church's Ordinary Form Mass in a future minor revision of the Missal, with the following allowed but found in the Appendix (similar to the additional Penitential Acts with Form C that are in the Appendix currently).

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  1. When my parents lived in San Antonio, it was worth the drive across town to the Anglican Use parish of Our Lady of the Atonement. After my father's funeral, I took my 'liberal' relatives there for Mass and even they loved it. I agree that it is what the Novus Ordo should have been. And one receives Holy Communion on the knees at a rail too.


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