Deacon Sandy Strikes Again - Insults and Mocks Pope Benedict During Mass

[...]On the weekend following the whole kerfuffle, Deacon Sandy gave a homily at Good Shepherd. The homily includes copious use of visual aids courtesy of the the projectors on screens, projectors that cost thousands even though Deacon Sandy claimed the parish is so impoverished that they cannot afford kneelers.

Later on in the homily, Deacon Sandy Sites talks about how we worry about having nice things. To illustrate the point he puts up a slide with many designer labels.

"We are extremely concerned as a society about the labels on our clothes and the brand, because we're worried about what people will think about us. Aren't we? For guys it might be Brooks Brothers, it might be Versace. Ladies, it might be Prada or it might be Coach...But we worry about that. And these are the kinds of thing God is saying, "Don't worry about it." Here is how bad it gets in our Church."

Then Deacon Sandy puts up a picture of Pope Benedict in his red Prada shoes.**[In case you didn't hear, they weren't Pradas]
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And again, the victim here Deacon Sandy responds:
I have to share with you Patrick that the instances over the past several weeks have been very painful and hurtful. I wish you and others who read in CMR no ill will and respect the good intent of what you do. I do not ask that you or anyone else agree with me – what is troubling is the dark nature of the commentary, and the accusatory, divisive and judgmental tone.
Seems like it's straight out of a Call to Action meeting or something. 

Thanks to Ben for keeping this magic alive! :)


  1. The best part of that video was how empty this church actually was! It's a good sign for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee!

  2. I wonder if the archbishop will censure him?

  3. Deacon Sandy: "I get to play the victim!"

    Wednesday Addams: "All your life."

  4. I know he dislikes priests, but he keeps claiming that he is part of the laity. Is that even true?

    1. No, it's not true, he's indelibly clergy.


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