Franciscans of Christian Charity recall 1913 Annunciation Feast Flood Miracle

As we dream of warmer weather to encourage melting of snow in some areas of the country, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity recently found an archival account of a flood in Delaware, OH in 1913. Sister Mary Paul Vollmer recounts this terrifying, yet miraculous story.

March 25, 1913

On the early morning of about 2 a.m. on March 25, 1913, the Sisters missioned at St. Mary’s Convent in Delaware, OH were awakened by the sound of mighty, rushing waters, namely, Sisters Rose, Patricia, Hortense, Cleopha, Theresa, Leocadia, Agnella and Marcella rose from their beds, found themselves groping about in darkness, as all electricity had been cut off, looked outside and saw their convent and neighboring homes surrounded by water. Later, they learned the cause. Ice blocks had jammed against a railroad bridge over the Olétangy river causing the water to back up and flood their section of the city. One of the Sisters descended the stairs leading to the first floor intending to get to the telephone to call for help but could not enter as the entire first floor was fast filling with water. The Sisters quickly dressed and knelt in a group earnestly imploring God for help to save them. Occasionally they took trips to the top of the stairs to see how far the water was progressing. To their dismay they could see it rising, step by step. As they found themselves trapped they began to prepare for death, death by drowning. Several anxious hours were spent thus, praying and imploring God’s help and that of the Blessed Mother, it being the feast day of the Annunciation.

As they continued their prayers they could hear the furniture on the first floor bang against the walls and ceiling below them. They were very much concerned about the Blessed Sacrament in repose in their chapel on the first floor. [Even facing death, beautiful!] They knew their elderly pastor Father Philip Style would not have been able to get into the building.
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  1. wow! what a great story thanks for the heads up!

  2. Very interesting, never heard that story before.
    The church is very much still here:


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