Nun Shocks Judges On Italy's 'The Voice' Singing Competition

I'm out for a few days on paternity leave.

I absolutely loved this!  A magnificent moment, particularly what this young woman says after singing that causes one of the judges to break down in tears.

details at HuffPo


  1. Remember Sr. Whoopi Godlberg in Sister Act? I'm still crying.

    Seriously, people seemed upset about this story - but the CFR's have Fr. Stan. He rocks.

  2. Thanks for sharing this story. I put it on my blog also, with a link to the words to the Alicia Keys song. When you look at the words she was singing, that is a powerful testimony to what her vocation means to her. It's kinda strange to see liberal media like HuffPo and The Atlantic featuring this story. I doubt they care much about the religious side of things as much as just driving traffic to their liberal agenda items.

  3. Congratulations Badger!! News we can drink to! Welcome to WI little one!

  4. Has the Church come to the point where even well-intentioned Catholics have, for lack of examples, so forgotten what religious life is, that a singer in a habit is considered inspirational?

    Maybe the FSPA isn't so bad after all.

  5. Jeff Mirus weighs in on the original Singing Nun.
    Sister Luc-Gabrielle


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