Scott Walker Says He Won’t Cave to Atheists’ Demand to Pull Bible Verse

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker ® will not comply with an atheist group’s request that he remove a Bible verse from his official Facebook and Twitter accounts, his spokeswoman told TheBlaze.

“Governor Walker will not remove the post on his social media,” Walker spokeswoman press secretary Laurel Patrick said in an email. “The verse was part of a devotional he read that morning, which inspired him, and he chose to share it.”

Patrick said Walker’s social media accounts are frequently used “to engage with Wisconsinites on matters of public policy” as well as to give constituents “a sense of who he is.”

She said the scripture reference he posted on March 16 was simply “a reflection of his thoughts for the day.”

Walker’s response came after the Freedom From Religion Foundation wrote him a letter this week asking that he delete the message, which read simply, “Philippians 4:13,” from his official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The popular New Testament Bible verse reads, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
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  1. Mr. Walker is entitled to post anything he wants anywhere under his First Amendment rights and atheist groups should acknowledge that.

    Far more concerning are the Governor's actions which reflect his disdain for the poor and disadvantaged.

    Aside from taxing programs benefiting the poor, he has stolen about $70 million federal dollars aimed at compensating victims of mortgage fraud!

    In addition, by attacking the Affordable Care Act, and refusing to extend Medicaid, by saying 'no' to federal funding he is costing the state $100 million more to ensure 100 thousand fewer poor and struggling middle-class citizens.

    All this while racking up almost $2 billion in debt to reward Republican donors and those living in GOP held districts, and now more recently working to ensure the poor and ethnic minorities and elderly have their right to vote restricted.

    Pope Francis would be appalled, as should all Christians who simply should not excuse Mr. Walker's evil reliance on the Koch Bros. to fund the war against the innocent and hurting in our society.

    Each time Mr. Walker quotes the Bible, or tells of his being the son of a Pastor, seekers of the truth must no doubt walk away thinking, "If that is a Christian I want no part of it," which may have tragic eternal implications.

    The silence of the church universal saying and doing nothing about Mr. Walker's evil is a far greater sin than focussing on a Tweet of scripture. Jesus said we are to believe AND obey. Tweeting and then giving homage to Satan's way of 'get' is hardly the way to go.

    Let's not give Mr. Walker refuge within the church but rather exercise faithful chastisement of his actions rather than his pious words.

    If we want to Tweet a Bible verse, let's start with James 5:5.

  2. Bravo.....:-) Good for him!


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