WisSJ interview: Bishop Morlino: "Pope Francis has made me a stronger culture warrior"

Madison Catholic Bishop Robert Morlino, a staunch traditionalist with a national reputation for vigorously opposing abortion and same-sex unions, said he and Pope Francis are in sync and that the new pontiff has made him a stronger culture warrior.

In a lengthy interview with the State Journal, Morlino praised the first year of the pope’s reign, which has received widespread raves from Catholics for what is perceived as a new tone and style, and greater compassion for the marginalized.

Yet Morlino cautioned that reporters and people with agendas have “outrageously misinterpreted” some of the pontiff’s comments, and he said Pope Francis actually is causing him to speak out even more forcefully on the church’s opposition to abortion, artificial contraception, stem cell research and homosexual acts.

In explaining how he came to that conclusion, even though Pope Francis has called for a “new balance” when talking about hot-button issues, Morlino said Pope Francis is all about getting people to meet Jesus Christ. But it must be “the whole Christ,” Morlino said, and that leads him back to assessing what aspects of Christ’s work need the most attention in this diocese.
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  1. Bishop Morlino is an opportunist. After Ratzinger was elected to the papacy he became an advocate for the traditional mass, essentially abandoning his former unconditional support for "the New Evangelization", reflected in the support of the EF. Now that Benedict XVI resigned he again embraces the new policies. I remember very well when he rejected the possibility that a pope may resign - just some weeks prior to the death of John Paul II.

    1. "embraces the new policies" You mean like being the only bishop in the country to celebrate Ash Wednesday in the Traditional form?

      I applaud any bishop whom actually read Summorum Pontificum and took it to heart. You are saying this is something "bad?"

      You are way off base.


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