A good news update on Franciscan Skemp

Just to provide an update, the meeting with the medical ethics committees went very well yesterday. Thank you so much for your prayers! Without question, Our Lord blessed the meeting with His grace. We had a full discussion of the facts and the law. When we discussed the Ethical and Religious Directives, everyone seemed to agree that the bishop is the proper authority to interpret them and determine whether or not they are being followed. It seemed like a real turning point, because the committee members seemed very sympathetic and committed to discovering the truth regarding the facts, the law and the proper interpretation of the ERDs.

Thank you to all of you for continuing to support this cause. So many people are doing so much to support this growing effort. Please pray that the ethics committees will make good determinations and provide good advice to the administration and the bishop. Also continue to pray that, once the bishop has the opportunity to consider the issue fully and receive good counsel, he will have the strength to correct the administration and the Sisters, with firmness and charity, and convince them to take the right actions to bring an end to this.

Sister Mary Avila Wittig, FSPA, who was 99 years old, passed away yesterday evening while another Sister was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet at her bedside. Sister Mary Avila firmly believed in the dignity of all human life. The good Sister who was at her bedside informed us that Sister Mary Avila offered her final sufferings up in prayer for this cause. May God bless her soul, and may He answer her prayer.
No Abortionists at Franciscan Healthcare

Requiescat in pace. 

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