Cream City Catholic interviews The Catholic Gentleman founder Sam Guzman

About a year ago, I received a message from a newly made friend, Sam Guzman, asking me to ‘like’ on Facebook his blog, The Catholic Gentleman. I did so right away because he was a good guy and a great Catholic. Nearly 26,000 ‘likes’ later, it is easy to see that his initiative was a lot bigger than I originally thought.

I first met Sam Guzman in the Pro-Life Wisconsin office where he had been hired as the Communications Director. Peggy Hamill, the director, introduced us. What first interested me in Sam was our joint affection for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. A recent convert, he noticed that after leaving Protestantism everything looked the same liturgically. We shortly began working together with a couple other friends toward introducing the western side of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to tradition (not as easy as it sounds!). I eventually had the opportunity of hosting the post-Baptism party for his youngest son at my apartment. Although the East side is full of parties, I doubt it has ever had one quite like that.

I admit that the original reason to check out the blog was because I was impressed by Sam. Had I not known him beforehand, I would have never even bothered with the site. Most initiatives directed toward men serving Christ come across as either Neanderthalic or corny. They emphasize a few Stoic virtues Christianity shares with said philosophy and then come up with goofy tag lines to explain why Christianity is manly.

Sam Guzman’s blog was different.
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  1. On your blogroll you ought to move the Catholic Gentleman, and Fr. Z's blog up to the list of fellow Sconnie bloggers, Wisconsin really does have some of the best.


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