FatherZ: Support Madison's Our Lady of Hope Clinic!

I have an ACTION ITEM for you good readers. You have been generous to causes I have mentioned in the past.  Sometimes people have a hard time finding causes to support.  This is one of them that I admire.

I have written about Our Lady of Hope Clinic before.  This is one of the worthiest causes I have seen for a while and it could use your help, wherever you are.

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This could be a new model for health care in a rapidly changing – disintegrating – time.  The “Affordable” Care Act really isn’t.  It is going to be harder in the future for people to get health care, not easier.  And for those without much bucks?

Here is the pitch.

If you are near Madison, go to a benefit dinner.  If you are not near Madison, send them money anyway.  They have a DONATION page.
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I wish we had one in La Crosse now that Franciscan Skemp is in the abortion peddling business.  


  1. Well, there's not one in LAx, so I guess that means....you should move to madison.

    Sorry, you walked right into that one.


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