Church Fire Inspires Hope, Renewal in Renovation at Fulda, MN Catholic church

A fire broke out on Wednesday, April 9 around 4pm in the sacristy of St. Gabriel Catholic Church in Fulda, Minnesota.

The fire happened at about 4 PM on Wednesday, April 9, 2014. Fortunately, the fire was mostly contained to the south sacristy; however, that is where many vestments, candle sticks, and other such things were stored. Most of them are irreplaceable.

The cause of the fire was officially declared undetermined, but they eliminated arson.

Extent of the Damage

The fire was contained to the south sacristy, but the flames leaped out of the open door to the sanctuary and damaged the wall and the ceiling above the high altar. However, the smoke and the smell means that everything has to go – the pews have been taken out to be cleaned, the Stations, the organ and all of the pipes, the carpet will be replaced. New hardwood will be restored back in the sanctuary,

The heroic firemen used some 750-1,000 gallons of water, most of which ended up flowing into the basement carrying with it soot and ash. Therefore, the kitchen downstairs needs to be totally redone. The ceiling tiles will have to be replaced, the linoleum, and the carpet in the gathering space in the basement.
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They want to restore the church to it's original state pictured below:

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