Farewell held as Appleton Catholic school closes

The campus will be closing in June but rather than going out on a sad note, the staff and families chose to make this school year the most positive and memorable experience they could for the students and the entire school community.

“We started the year off with the theme of celebration and we focused on the positive,” said principal Mary Jo Brown. “We celebrated different events during the year and we honed in on the word celebrate. There was a bit of sadness with each one knowing that it was the last time but the parents, the staff and myself, we’re all here for the children and we wanted it to be the best year ever.”

On Saturday, May 17, St. Bernadette’s hosted a farewell event for all current and former students, families and staff members. Parishioners and area residents were also invited.

Patti Fouts co-chaired the celebration committee with her sister, Beth Reed. “In the beginning of the year we knew that this was going to be a year of celebration,” she said. “Throughout the year we planned different events to celebrate that community. Every Thursday throughout the school year we’ve done something special for the teachers to say thank you for all they do for our kids — we’ve catered in lunches, we’ve bought them gift baskets and treats.”
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