Fr. John Hardon on Hans Urs Von Balthasar all are saved theory

via Dumb Ox


  1. Servant of God, Fr. Hardon. My hero!

  2. One wonders how much of Balthasar Hardon has read. He obviously has not read much, or has not read him attentively. Balthasar NEVER said that there is nobody in hell!!! But that it is much easier for those who say there is NOT TO INCLUDE THEMSELVES in it. Hardon I guess believes he will not end up there.

    1. i guess one would only have to read the book and get into the whole theology that Balthasar proposed on the subject, which Father Hardon was asked to approve by Fr. Fessio but declined because he read the work, all of his works even those given active propagation by the past two pontiffs and refused to pretend that such novelties were actually true to the teachings of the Church. He knew the ex jesuits work just as he knew Malichi Martins work, and gave an honest answer in refusing to endose it


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